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Whether you're maintaining a small backyard or managing expansive acres, our lineup of Exmark mowers delivers unmatched performance and durability. Explore our featured mower lines below to find the perfect fit for your property and take advantage of this limited-time sale to get the best equipment at the best value.

Save on Quest with instant Rebates.
Save on quest with instant rebates.
Special financing.



Designed for enhanced performance and cut quality, Exmark Quest residential mowers are the ideal choice for small- to mid-sized lots. Choose from Quest E-Series, Quest S-Series, Quest X-Series, or the new electric Quest V-Series models. All deliver professional-grade performance and cut quality.

The Quest E-Series is available with a choice of 42- or 50-inch welded steel cutting decks with a 22-horsepower Kohler engine. Quest S-Series offers a 54-inch cutting deck with a 24-horsepower powerplant. Quest X-Series features a 48-inch fabricated and welded cutting deck and a 24-horsepower Kohler V-Twin engine. The Quest V-Series features a 42-inch electric cutting deck. Powered by four 10-Amp Flex-Force batteries, Quest V-Series can house up to six batteries to extend runtime. The electric drivetrain and cutting deck offer exceptionally quiet operation and produce zero engine exhaust emissions.

Each Quest model is equipped to side discharge clippings, with the option to bag or mulch with optional Exmark Original accessories.

$300 instant rebate -  Quest E-Series
$500 instant rebate
$600 instant rebate


Need to balance value and performance in your next commercial zero-turn lawn mower? Exmark has you covered with the Radius line of mowers. Select from the Radius E-Series, Radius S-Series, and Radius X-Series. This lineup of commercial, professional-grade lawn mowers offers legendary durability with a wide range of mower deck sizes. Select from cutting widths from 48 to 60 inches with all models delivering the Exmark signature maneuverability with our zero-turn technology.

Mowing large lots? The Radius commercial zero-turn mowers will get the job done right and quickly. Select the right amount of power for your needs, with Radius mowers offering options in horsepower ranging from a 20.5 horsepower engine in the S-Series to a 31-horsepower engine on the X-Series.

$700 instant rebate

Fleet bounty


Loyalty has its rewards.

Receive a 15% discount off national commercial sale price with as little as a two unit purchase. Fleet discounts for all future purchases within 2 years. Extend your fleet benefits with additional purchases. Visit your local dealer to establish your Exmark fleet today.

Fleet Advantage Program

START SAVING: Purchase at least 12 points in eligible new equipment on one invoice to receive Fleet Program pricing. Qualifying purchases receive Fleet Program Member pricing for 24 months on additional purchases. 

KEEP SAVING: Make purchases totaling 6 points within the membership period, and the Fleet Program Membership Period is extended by an additional 24 months.

NEW EXMARK ORIGINAL PARTS BENEFIT: Fleet customers purchasing Exmark Original Parts now receive a 15% discount and fleet point(s) for preseason bulk parts purchases. New and existing 12-point fleet customers are eligible for a 15% off invoice discount on Exmark Original Parts purchases of $2,000 or more. For every $2,000 of Exmark Original Parts purchased, the fleet customer will receive 1 fleet point. Exmark Original Parts purchases may be used toward new fleet 12-point requirements as well as 6- point fleet advantage renewal requirements. To qualify for the parts discount, all parts must be purchased on one purchase order, to one customer within the timeframe specified above.

NEW BENEFIT: All new and existing fleet customers also receive the Unlimited subscription tier of Horizon360 Business Management Software free of charge as long as fleet status is maintained. This tool helps landscape professionals manage their crews and equipment.

Mini-Fleet Program

Purchase at least 7 points in eligible new equipment on one invoice to receive Fleet Program pricing. Qualifying purchase results in a one-time discount.

Test out the Exmark Advantage with a 7-Point Fleet Deal!

When you're satisfied with your purchase, Grow to a Fleet within 120 days, by making one additional purchase of units to achieve 12 points total. Receive Fleet Program pricing on the second purchase and a 24-month Fleet Membership Period from original purchase date.

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