Macon-Trousdale Farmers Cooperative is a local farmer owned farm supply cooperative. We have two locations in Lafayette and Hartsville in North Middle Tennessee. Our two locations have successfully served our communities for over 70 years.

Trousdale Farmers Co-op was established on July 6, 1946. The store was originally located on White Oak Street. After a fire in 1970, the store was relocated to E Main Street. In 2006, we relocated again to our current location at 225 W. McMurry Blvd. in Hartsville, Tenn.

Macon Farmers Co-op was established on Feb. 23, 1949. Even with all of the additions to store, we have remained at our original location at 905 Scottsville Road in Lafayette, Tenn.

In 1971, the board of directors from Macon and Trousdale Farmers Co-op realized that the two cooperatives would be stronger to consolidate as one business. Over the course of several months, the two Co-ops merged to be Macon-Trousdale Famers Cooperative. It has been thriving as one entity for more than 50 years.

In the Co-op’s beginning, the products and services offered were modest – fertilizer, feed, seed and a few basic farm supplies. Now the Co-op has so much more to offer, not just for the farmers of our area but rather the entire community.

Although we are a farmer owned cooperative, anyone can shop Co-op.

Today, Macon-Trousdale Farmers Co-op, offers a wide range of products. We carry tires and batteries, Stihl power equipment, ExMark zero turn lawn mowers, Costa sunglasses, Weather-Tech floor mats, farm toys, lawn and garden supplies, livestock equipment, Ariat & Muck Boots, pet feed and supplies and more. We are continuing to expand our product lines as we see opportunities to fulfill the needs of our customers. Even while expanding, we still hold true to our roots of being a one stop farm supply store for our farmers.

The Co-op has grown a lot over the years with the services that we offer. We pride ourselves on our services, attention to customer solutions, and the knowledge and experience of our employees.

When you need technical assistance, solutions to questions, for your farm and home, let us help. We are here for you. If we don’t have the product or answer on hand, we are willing to get it through our vast cooperative network with Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, a regional Co-op that Macon-Trousdale patrons have ownership in as well. We want to help to meet your farm and home needs.

Stop in and see us, or give us a call.

Thank you for your business.

Anyone can shop Co-op.