A quality crop starts with quality seed. We carry a large selection of seed options from major seed manufacturers. We can also offer advice and help finding the right seed for you with the help of our agronomists.

Crop Nutrients 

We understand the needs of your field and are here to help. Let us supply you and your field with all your crop nutrient needs. We can provide bulk fertilizer, micronutrients, liquid nitrogen, and in-season foliar fertilizer, soil testing, traditional applications, and variable-rate applications.

Crop Protection

At Macon-Trousdale, we work constantly to be the experts you can trust. Our trained agronomy staff is here to provide you with quality crop protection products for your soybean, tobacco, corn, wheat, and all other crop needs. We carry a full line of protection products from  major manufacturers, including WinField United, Pioneer, and Croplan.

Ag Technology 

Today’s agriculture is not your grandfather’s farming. Innovation in products and technology have dramatically changed the way we farm, and the rate of change seems to increase almost daily. At Macon-Trousdale, our agronomy professionals stay up to date and utilize the latest technology in agriculture. We’re here to help you  incorporate these new methods and tools into your operation and help you achieve maximum results in your field and maximum profits for your wallet. We offer soil and tissue sampling, variable-rate prescriptions and applications, and precision field mapping.